Schedule of Services

4:30 - Setup
6:00 - Fellowship Dinner
6:15 - Youth Posse
6:15 - Men's Corral
7:00 - Cowboy Church
8:10 - Cowboy C.A.R.E.

Services are held at Runnin' Horse
Arena located at 1002 Upper Spencer
Mountain Road in Stanley, NC
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Scott Whitener
PO Box 40
Stanley, NC 28164
Ph: (704)678-1683
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This is Cowboy Church
This is cowboy church - straight shooter,
sinner-saved-by-grace theology throwing a rope out to the
lost, the lonely and those who long for an unvarnished
faith. No fancy duds. No politicized preaching. No
denominational hair-splitting. It's come as you are, in
spirit, spurs and Stetsons. It's bucking bulls and Bibles in
a dusty arena or dropping a hard-won dollar in a hat after
a punchy sermon.
Fundamentally, it's an attitude, whether you ride a bronco
or a computer keyboard. It links the Old West code of
simplicity, cooperation, loyalty and patriotism with Christian life.
We all grew up with John Wayne and Roy Rogers and
there's an attraction to the cowboy culture. The cowboy
walk in life is parallel with the lifestyle of Jesus -
doing right and living by your word.


Our Purpose is to Impact the Cowboy Culture With the Gospel of Jesus!